Getting Started with Einstein Vision

To start using Einstein Vision, you must first sign up for an account using Salesforce on the following link:

Once you have completed the above, you will receive a file name einstein_platform.pem. Send the Einstein Account (email) used and this file together with the Salesforce Organization Id on which to activate the Einstein Vision feature to SharinPix Support on the following email address: [email protected]

Once Einstein Vision has been enabled on SharinPix, you will receive a confirmation email. From there, the following steps are required to fully configure it on your Salesforce Environment.

Open the SharinPix Setting Tab on Salesforce and you should see the Einstein Ready status to be ok. If this is not the case, please contact SharinPix Support to get this sorted out.

Now, that Einstein has been configured. You need to assign the SharinPix Einstein permission set to users who will be using the Einstein Vision training interface.

You are now all set to use Einstein Vision with SharinPix.


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