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We assume that you already have  Einstein Vision configured and that you are already familiar with using Einstein Object Detection. As always, contact the SharinPix Support if you have any issue/query on the following email: [email protected]

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In this module, you will learn how to be able to use global set of labels without the need to each time create several Einstein Labels on your Einstein Vision Project which uses common labels.

Also, you will be able to change a specific label without the need to rename all the boxes again. This shall help you combine several similar objects into one or even correct a label if a mistake was previous made.

Admin Dashboard

To get started, you will need to login into the SharinPix Admin Dashboard. You can still refer to this document if you are having doubt on how to go to the Admin Dashboard: Overview of the SharinPix Administration Dashboard

You will find a menu named Einstein containing two sub-menu.

  • Einstein Labels
  • Einstein Label Sets
Admin Dashboard

Einstein Labels

Einstein Labels are the label that are being attached to the einstein boxes. You can create them in this dashboard itself instead of creating Einstein Labels on the Einstein Vision Project in Salesforce.

To create Einstein Labels, click on the menu Einstein Labels and then click on New Einstein Label. It consists of a Name and a Label field. The Name field in what you see on the Einstein Box whereas the field Label is the label being sent in the dataset to Einstein Vision.

Customer who was using Tags in their Einstein Vision implementation has already been migrated. If not, please upgrade your package and contact the support.

new einstein label
list einstein labels

Einstein Label Sets

Einstein Label Sets on the other hand is a master label to regroup several Einstein Labels. Instead of creating Einstein Labels on your Salesforce in the Einstein Vision Project, you can only reference the Einstein Label Set in the corresponding field found on the layout.

If your SharinPix package is old and prior to version 1.150, you will need to manually modify the pagelayout to be able to see the Einstein Label Set field on the Einstein Vision Project page layout (Only the object detection layout). We shall cover this part later on in this document.

Creating Einstein Label Sets is similar to Einstein Label, just click on the Einstein menu and click on Einstein Label Set sub-menu. Next click on New Einstein Label Set

New Einstein Label Set
list Einstein Label Sets

Once the Einstein Label Sets has been created, you need to add the Einstein Label which will form par of this group. Click on View.

From there, click on Labels in Einstein Label Set

einstein label set

Click on the button New Einstein Label Set Label or Create One (only if it is a new one)

Einstein Label Set Labels | SharinPix - Google Chrome

Select the appropriate Einstein Label

New Einstein Label Set Label | SharinPix - Google Chrome

All those who were using Tags and Tag Sets for Einstein Vision has already been migrated. And from now on, you will have a simpler and robust implementation.

Einstein Label Set Labels | SharinPix - Google Chrome

Einstein Vision Project Configuration

Once you have configured the desired Einstein Label Set and Einstein Labels on the Admin Dashboard. You can now referenced it in the Einstein Vision Project.

Open the tab Einstein Vision Projects

Open on an existing EV Project or Create a new one.

New Einstein Vision Project: Object Detection | Salesforce - Google Chrome

In previous implementation, the Einstein Label Set was named Tag Set. If this is the case on your Salesforce, edit the Pagelayout. Add the field Einstein Label Set and remove the field Tag Set (deprecated).

Also make sure you use the latest version of the SharinPix package.

Now when you are working in the Boxing Task, all the label present in the Einstein Label Set mentioned on the Einstein Vision Project will be automatically loaded without the need to manually create Einstein Label on the Salesforce for each project.


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