Archiving Shooting Job

The present article will show how to archive a job. When a job is archived, it is no longer active and ceases to upload its images. The archived job is then removed from the main display.

1. Archive one Job

The screenshot below shows the Home Screen of the SharinPix Mobile Application, displaying ongoing jobs.

When the Job Item is swiped to the left, you will be able to select the archive job feature.

You will then receive a warning message prompting for your confirmation before proceeding to archiving the job. Click on Yes to proceed.

After the archiving the job, the Home Screen is cleared as shown below.

It is possible to access the archived job(s), by tapping on the archived jobs icon as shown below.

The archived jobs screen will then appear, listing all the archived jobs as shown below.

2. Archive all Jobs

  • Access the settings
    • To access the Settings screen of the SharinPix Mobile Application, click on the Settings icon as shown in the screenshot below.
  • On the Settings menu, you will have the possibility to delete all archived jobs as shown in the screenshot below.


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