Integrating SharinPix with Field Service Lightning Mobile App

Launching SharinPix from a VisualFlow

It is possible to launch the SharinPix Mobile App from a VisualFlow. Follow the subsequent steps:


The following demo takes within the Field Service Lightning Experience.

The WorkOrder object has a custom field named SharinPix_Token__c.

The following section will cover 3 key technical areas when building the Flow:

  1. A Fast Lookup to reference the WorkOrder record containing the Flow.
  2. A Screen displaying the link that enables the launch of the SharinPix App.
  3. Testing on a mobile device to observe the link and auto-tag feature in action.

Fast Lookup

  • Go to Setup. Type Flows in the Quick Find Box. And access the Flows item under WorkFlow & Approvals.
  • Click on New Flow. You will then be directed to the Flow Designer.
  • Drag and Drop a Fast Lookup element from the DATA section onto the blank canvas.
  • For the Fast Lookup:
    • Name: lookupWorkOrder
    • Unique Name: lookupWorkOrder
    • Look up: WorkOrder
    • Specify which of the record's fields to save in the variable

User Interface Screen

  • Drag and Drop a Screen from the section USER INTERFACE onto the canvas.
  • Properties for the Screen:
    • Name: Take Pictures
    • Unique Name: Take_Pictures
    • In the Add a Field Tab:
      • Select Display Text
    • In the Field Settings Tab
      • Set the Unique Name to Take_Pictures_Label
      • Paste the following code(which refers to the link containing the SharinPix App URL Launcher)
<a href="sharinpix://upload?token={!WorkOrder.SharinPix_Token__c}&auto_tags=Before">Take Before Pictures</a>

Structure of the SharinPix App URL Launcher

  • The token parameter corresponds to the SharinPix Token that will indicate from which WorkOrder record, the images will be referenced, once the SharinPix App is launched and new pictures are taken.
  • The auto_tags parameter takes as value the name of the tag we want to automatically apply to all images we take when the SharinPix app is launched.

Connect the Fast Lookup to the Screen.

  • Click on Save and Activate the newly-created flow.
  • Access a WorkOrder record from the Field Service Lightning Mobile App.
  • Select the button with the Lightning-shaped icon.

Select the newly-created flow. (In this case, it is Take Pictures).

You will be prompted on the screen as shown below.

  • Upon clicking on the Take Before Pictures link, the SharinPix Mobile Application will be launched.
  • Once the SharinPix Mobile App is launched, you will be able to snap pictures that will be automatically tagged with the label "Before". 

Once the snapped photo has been uploaded; it can been seen that on the SharinPix Album of the corresponding WorkOrder record, the picture is tagged with the label Before.