Partner Program Guide

Partner Onboarding Experience

Here's what you can expect as your organization joins out program - so you're acquainted with the whole process and can verify what you should receive and what to expect next.

"SharinPix Partner Sign-up" Form

Once you express interest in our Partner Program, our Partner Advocate sends a sign-up  request form to you or your suggested coworker to collect basic partner account information. No worries that this represents a legal commitment!  It's an entry point to the program so we understand the right channels to assist you. Receiving any financial incentives does require signing an additional legal Partner Agreement.

You may have questions about the signup form fields.  As every company is different, let us clarify:


Refers to a "value-added tax" number.  We must have this on file for non-US partners that want to receive rewards and incentives by signing our Partner Agreement.  Feel free to provide this information to our Partner Advocate at a later date.

Partner Manager

Person at your company managing supporting relationships with other businesses. They are responsible for working with our Partner Advocate regarding your company's ongoing involvement in the program and relaying communication to your team as necessary.

e.g. scheduling training, coordinating joint marketing efforts, etc.

Business Developer/Head of Delivery

Person at your company that coordinates project assignments to your consultants.

To receive financial rewards as a partner, be sure to include address information and, for non-US companies,  your Value Added Tax (VAT) number.

"Welcome to the SharinPix Partner Program" email

Once your organization has completed and returned the form, our Partner Advocate sends you and your team a "Welcome to the SharinPix Partner Program!" email to highlight Rewards and Incentives, explain how to get started, and direct you to this Guide. 

And you ended up here!

"SharinPix Partner Program Introduction" email

Our Partner Advocate provides a more official introduction and highlights the important aspects of this guide.

Next Step - Step Up!

The next step is on you!  It could be a marketing campaign, an initial training for your team, or submitting a potential customer

Choose whichever option/s currently work best for your needs, and let's get started!  We want to stay in touch so we can share our success!

Program Participation


Requirements to remain in the program are merely that we stay aware of your current direction either by planning a joint marketing campaign, scheduling training, or having a prospective client in the sales process.

If we don't hear from you, you may receive additional emails inquiring about your interest and timeline for your next steps. After 90 days without engagement, we archive your sign-up for the program.

We keep your participation in our program on file; you retain credit for implementations you've done. But if your engagement lapses- your participation is archived and you are no longer considered "active".

Marketing/Co-branding Campaigns

  1. Work with our Marketing Director to publish a blog on your site or plan a social media campaign
  2. Schedule a "Lunch & Learn" introductory session for your local community group by contacting the Partner Advocate

Don't forget your access to our Press Pack!

Press Pack

This is your resource for marketing materials related to SharinPix so you can promote our alliance to your customers.

more to come.... including prepped slide decks for demos and branding guidelines.

Demo Videos

We recommend you bookmark these links for using in your demos.  Some of the videos are also available in the Learn SharinPix Trial

Training Resources

Everyone likes to absorb  new information their own way, so you have options.

Like to figure it out yourself?

Try our Knowledge Base articles:

Or request a "Learn SharinPix" trial

Designed with consultants in mind, the trial hosts pre-configured examples of common SharinPix features, components, and solutions, with cross-references to the pricing plans and documentation resources required

Current examples include:

  • Profile picture using SharinPix Single-Image component
  • Display a map of the image capture location on the record with the Map component
  • Collect images on a job site using a guided checklist
  • Create a media banner with a text overlay using record data
  • Create an Auction Catalog thumbnail for an Auction Package using pictures from a child element
  •  Monitor job progress, collect quote signatures, make annotations on a floor plan, and more as a General Contractor

Or ask for personally-presented training

Sales Process

To determine if SharinPix is the right fit for your planned solution, chat with us on our AppExchange Listing, and, of course, you may install a trial of SharinPix from there as well.

Please send the Partner Advocate your client's Salesforce Org Id to establish credit an ongoing implementation is related to  you.

Once you have submitted a potential customer,  our Sales team will contact you about what your client looks to accomplish, how you might provide that solution, and the best approaches for the use-case with SharinPix.

Demo Assistance

Customer Onboarding Experience

Both you and your client will be more confident if you know what to expect, so here are the steps of our Onboarding Process, beginning when they sign our  quote:

"SharinPix Registration" email

 Once a quote is signed, our Administrative Assistant emails a registration form to the person we have worked with most closely during the sales process.  

The Registration Form includes an entries for Implementation Consultant, so make sure they know that's you!  You may also be listed as the Technical Contact.

This way we can contact  the appropriate person in the different situations we may encounter.

"Welcome to Sharinpix" email

Once the Registration form is returned, we send the "Welcome  to SharinPix" to the same Contact used for the "SharinPix Registration" email AND to the Implementation Contact, so as long as your client lists you on the Registration, you will also receive a copy. 

The email includes instructions to access documentation and support and asks the customer to schedule their onboarding meeting.

Onboarding Meeting

You and your client meet with our Customer Success team to plan your implementation and to introduce the resources we provide. Be sure to mention if you'd like a recording of the meeting! 

Additional Licensing

As your clients adopt SharinPix, there may well come a time when they will need additional licenses to expand their use of the app.

SharinPix plans to offer self-service license purchasing in the coming year, but for the moment the SharinPix Buyer on the customer's Account may request additional licenses by emailing [email protected].

If you are unsure who the SharinPix Buyer for your client's account is, contact the Partner Advocate.

Implementation Process

Throughout your client's project you'll continue a conversation with our Customer Success team about its progress using the resources described in this guide.

We also schedule a project review meeting to review the completed solution and get a feel for the customer's feeling about the process.

Feature Requests

During your implementation, you may discover that your solution would shine brighter if SharinPix had this one, little extra aspect.

To submit a feature request,  create a Support Ticket , adding "Feature Request" to the beginning of the Subject when emailing Support directly. We make an effort to notify those interested in a particular feature when it is released.

Project Review

You and your client meet with the Customer Success team  to review the project. We add aspects of your implementation to our records so that we can credit you for delivering a successful solution.

As you have more experience with implementing SharinPix, we can direct potential clients your way based on their use case, so this step is important!

The project is complete! Let's all go out for pizza and celebrate! 🎉


Participation in the SharinPix Partner Program is voluntary, but occasionally the nature of the work requires additional agreements.

Rewards and Incentives

Lunch & Learn promotion

SharinPix will donate $100 to your chosen nonprofit* on behalf of the first 10 partners to schedule a SharinPix "Lunch & Learn" or training webinar for their team. 

*choose from our internationally-recognized, highly-rated, and diverse approved list of nonprofits 

Participate by submitting our Lunch & Learn Referral form, and our Partner Advocate will contact your training coordinator about scheduling.


From you to SharinPix

SharinPix offers a 10% return for qualifying partner referrals totaling $20K or more in a calendar year after any discounts applied.

Current Requirements:

  1. signed Partner Agreement*
  2. Address information
  3. Value Added Tax (VAT) number (non-US partners)

Provide during Sign-Up or send to the Partner Advocate.

* The Partner Agreement is currently being reviewed and finalized. Partners who have completed Sign-Up will be notified when it becomes available.

From SharinPix to you

Once a consulting group has completed three successful implementations of SharinPix and completed Partner Program Sign-up, SharinPix will offer your services as an option to customers expressing this need. Referrals are prioritized based on industry, technology, and region.

SharinPix intends to add a Partner page to to display logos of those who have achieved this level of partnership.


Questions? here's where to go and under what circumstances

For technical support, make use of our Knowledge Base, create a Support Ticket, or join Office Hours.

Create a Support Ticket

  1.  Grant Login Access
  2.  Click the App Launcher
  3.  Enter "SharinPix" in the Quick Find
  4. Click "View More" (if needed)
  5.  Click "SharinPix Support" tab link
  6.  Click "Create a SharinPix support ticket"
  7. Complete the form and click "Send"

If a technical question is unrelated to a specific Salesforce instance, you can open a case directly by emailing [email protected], but whenever possible we prefer you submit cases within the app so they are attributed to the correct source.

Office Hours

Join us each Thursday at 3:00 pm ET for a live session with SharinPix Image Experts. Questions are answered on a first-come, first-served basis; however, an expert will remain on the call until everyone has been addressed.

Zoom Meeting:

Partner Program Contacts