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Release Notes - Q3 2021 (8/30)

Known Bug with correction

  • SharinPix Single Image : support for capital letters or spaces in Tag
  • SharinPix Album : Arrow in Full View skip photos
  • SharinPix Album : Display bug while zooming in Fullscreen mode
  • SharinPix Mobile : wrong image size at upload in metadata



  • SharinPix PDF form to Salesforce Fields : First version
  • SharinPix PDF Plan : support for SharinPix Permission and Image Sync
  • SharinPix PDF Plan : Plan Item with label
  • SharinPix Mobile : Checklist improved compact layout
  • SharinPix Mobile : Checklist support ret_url parameters
  • SharinPix Album : Duplicate Annotation handle
  • SharinPix Album : hide annotation parameter
  • SharinPix Smart PDF Form To Salesforce field : Extract PDF Form values to Salesforce
  • SharinPix Smart PDF Form To Salesforce field : Default values passed as URL parameters


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