Release Notes - Q4 2021

Known Bug with correction

  • SharinPix Album : cropped Annotation Arrow 
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Crash when deleting a picture with an upload in progress
  • SharinPix Image Sync : wrong date/time extracted on certain browser 



  • SharinPix Plan PDF : Dynamic Interaction support for Plan and Plan Item
  • SharinPix Plan PDF : SharinPix Plan Item related list with Dynamic interaction behaviour
  • SharinPix Album : default sticker size (proportional to the page)
  • SharinPix Album : Tags available and Auto tags now Lightning Component parameters
  • SharinPix Album : Permission support now Upload from Webcam
  • SharinPix Album : Annotation tool without fill (Circle/Rectangle)
  • SharinPix Mobile App : "ghosting" picture above the camera (to take similar angle picture)
  • SharinPix Upload Button : Support SharinPix Permission
  • SharinPix Smart PDF Form to Salesforce field : Increased signature area size
  • SharinPix Map : default marker color as parameter
  • SHarinPix Map : Polygon label inside a circle (numbered polygons)
  • SharinPIx Map to Album : option to display label next to the marker
  • SharinPix Map to Album : Custom Polygon label size
  • SharinPix Map to Album : Custom size for marker 


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