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How to report a bug on the SharinPix mobile app?

Before reporting a bug, please check the following:

  1. Camera and Location access rights on SharinPix.
  2.  If you have at least 5GB memory free on your device.
  3.  If the iOS/Android version of your device is up to date.

Click here for more information on the requirements needed for SharinPix App.

If the issue still persists after verifying the camera/location access, device memory, and updating the OS, then follow the following steps to report the problem.

1. Access the Settings screen to report the problem

From SharinPix mobile app menu, use the settings icon on the top right of the Job List screen to access the Settings screen.

Next, use the Send Feedback button on the screen to report the problem:

A modal dialog box will be displayed after tapping the button. From there, you can enter a description and your email.

This email will permit us to retrieve the information and relate it to any ticket that you may have already raised.

This description will be saved with the complete status of your app on the server side. This will help the SharinPix team to analyze your problem and get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Screen capture the Settings screen for faster resolution

The Setting page contains two values that help us to understand the source of your problem:

  • The Device ID.
  • The SharinPix mobile app version.

A screen capture sent to SharinPix support will help to get this sorted faster.


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