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I got a cookie error, what should I do?

Some devices may encounter a cookie error which never stops displaying the "click here to allow cookies" as depicted in the image below:

When you encounter this error,  it might be because of:

  • Old version of the SharinPix app used

    SharinPix latest package version is correcting this problem most of the time. You just have to go to the AppExchange ( ) and use the Get It Now button, just like if you were installing this for the first time. The AppExchange will detect the existing installation and will just update the code without any impact on your implementation.
    That should correct the problem, if not, please check the other solutions below.

  • Incorrect security settings

       SharinPix relies on external URLs to upload, display and manage images.

       You  may have to whitelist those URLs in order to correct this problem.

       The list of those URLs can be find here: SharinPix Endpoints to Authorize

  • Incorrect implementation of an Iframe

        If you are using an Iframe, its implementation might be incorrect. 

       To overcome this issue, SharinPix adopted the use of the postMesssage method in the Iframe                                implementation. For more detailed information about how to use the postMessage method to bypass                the error, click on the link that follows: 

If the problem still persists or if you require assistance, you can contact us here.


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