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How to update SharinPix package from the AppExchange?

Why should I update the package?

SharinPix is constantly evolving with provision of new features as well as bug correction at least every month.

Therefore, it is a good practice to update the SharinPix package regularly to be up to date and benefit from these new and exciting features.

How can I update the SharinPix package?

To update the SharinPix package, follow the steps below:

  • Go to setup, search 'AppExchange'
  • Click on the AppExchange Marketplace and choose Apps from the dropdown
  • Search SharinPix and choose the first one 'IMAGES App by SharinPix'
  • Click on the button Get it Now
  • Click on the button Open Login Screen
  • Choose to install on Production or Sandbox

Click on the button Confirm and Install

The AppExchange will detect any existing installation and will update the same without impacting on your current implementation.


When installing or updating the SharinPix package from the AppExchange, the Subscription type always indicates Free Trial. Please note that this indication is normal and will in no way impact the installation or update of a paid version of the SharinPix package in your environment.


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