SharinPix DocumentationFAQMisc QuestionsI got an error Access denied on SharinPix album. What should I do?

I got an error Access denied on SharinPix album. What should I do?

If you encountered a similar error message, this may be due to missing access on the album component.

If you are using a SharinPix Permission record on the component, follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Go on the SharinPix Permission record. 
  2. Edit the SharinPix Permission record.
  3. Ensure that the "See Album" is enabled at least in the Standard album function section.

Click here for detailed steps on how to access the SharinPix Permission record and make the above modifications.

If you do not have SharinPix Permission assigned to your album component, then enable the album viewing abilities at the global level using the SharinPix Global Settings as explained below:

  • Using the App Launcher and search for SharinPix Settings.
  • On the SharinPix Settings page, click on Go to administration dashboard to open the SharinPix Global Settings.


If you are still encountering the Access Denied error message after performing the above steps, kindly contact SharinPix Support.


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