SharinPix DocumentationFAQRelease NotesRelease Notes - 20th of November 2018

Release Notes - 20th of November 2018


  • Crash Report (SharinPix)
  • Crash on Iphone 1.1.97
  • SharinPix Chatter - can't create record if name is more than 80 characters
  • File Size limitations
  • 200MB file upload timeout
  • AppMobile : Fix date for slow uploads
  • FSL mobile App : Token error Invalid token
  • SPApp GPS details missing (Date Taken/GPS) on images uploaded from Native Mobile App
  • ¬†Spinner Einstein Vision on model/dataset creation


  • Display a lightning toast on upload event for SharinPixUploadButton component
  • Einstein Vision - enhanced UI to have auto complete on labels (same as tags)
  • Image Sync - Add Bytes field (size of file)
  • Einstein Vision Dataset feedback live and Action button for Retrain
  • Annotations: Sticky Notes
  • Corrupt file upload - friendly message
  • Events - Add event on image-sync completed


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