SharinPix DocumentationFAQMisc QuestionsHow can I calculate the number of images in a SharinPix Album and store the count in a Salesforce field?

How can I calculate the number of images in a SharinPix Album and store the count in a Salesforce field?

This section demonstrates how to keep track of the number of images added to a SharinPix album and store the count in a Salesforce field automatically.

For such implementation, we will leverage the SharinPix Image Sync feature to track the image count. 

When Image Sync is activated on an object, a related SharinPix Image record is created whenever an image is uploaded to the object's SharinPix album. The number SharinPix Image records created can then be used to count the number of images uploaded to the album.

There are two ways to track the number of images uploaded to a SharinPix album:

  1. By using a Rollup Helper from the AppExchange.
  2. Or by using a Salesforce Flow to update the count and the Salesforce field. 


In both cases, Image Sync should be set up for the object on which you intend to keep an image count.

You can refer to the following article for detailed information about how to set up Image Sync for an object: Setup SharinPix Image Sync

For this demo, we will use the Account object as the SharinPix package already activate SharinPix Image Sync on the Account object by default. 

However, kindly ensure that the option Enable Image Sync is checked for the SharinPix album added to the Account record page.

Using a Rollup Helper

Rollup Helpers are available on the AppExhange. They usually provide an interface to easily create new rollups without any coding. 

With a Rollup helper, we can therefore create data rollups by using the Account object and the SharinPix Image object. In this case, the Account object will act as the parent object on which the rollup results (that is, the image count) will be made available in a Salesforce field and the SharinPix Image will act as the child object from which the data for the image count will be obtained.


For more information about Rollup Helpers and how they can be used to create data rollups, refer to the following article:

Using a Flow

Before creating the Flow, you will need to create a field that will store the count. Therefore, go on the Account object and create a new field with:

  • The Number data type
  • Image Count as label
  • A default value of 0

Create a Flow to update count on record creation

Next, follow the steps below to create the Flow.

  • Go to Setup. In the Quick Find Box, type Flows.
  • Under Process Automation, select Flows.
  • Click on the New Flow button.
  • Select the option Record-Triggered Flow, and click on the Create button.
  • After clicking on Create, the Configure Start modal will be displayed. Fill in the modal as indicated below:
    • Select Object: SharinPix Image
    • Configure Trigger: A record is created
    • For the Set Entry Conditions, select All Conditions Are Met (AND)and fill in the details as follows:
      1.  Field: sharinpix__Account__c
      2.  Operator: IsNull
      3.  Value: Select {!$GlobalConstant.False}
    • Optimize the Flow for: Actions and Related Records
  • Click on Done to save the configurations.
  • Next, add an Update Triggering Record element.
  • On the Update Triggering Record modal, enter the following information:
    • LabelUpdate image count on Account Record
    • How to Find Records to Update and Set Their Values: Specify conditions to identify records, and set fields individually
    • Object: Account
    • In the Field Account Records section:
      • Condition Requirements to Update Record: All Conditions Are Met (AND)
      • Field: Id
      • Operator: Equals
      • Value: {!$Record.sharinpix__Account__c}
    • In the Set Field Values for the Account Records section:
      • For the Field, select the Image Count field available on the parent Account record.
      • For the Value, click on New Resource and enter the following information
        1.  Resource Type: Formula
        2.  API NameimageCount
        3.  Description: Optional
        4. Date Type: Number
        5. Decimal Places: 0
        6. Formula: {!$Record.sharinpix__Account__r.Image_Count__c} + 1
  • Save the newly-created resource.
  • Click Done to save the formula and the Update Triggering Record element.
  • Save the Flow and activate it.

Create a Flow to update count on record deletion

  • Create a new Record-Triggered Flow that triggers on SharinPix Image record deletion.
  • Next, add and configure an Update Triggering Record element as explained in the section Create a Flow to update count on record creation.
  • Change the imageCount formula to:


  • Save and activate the Flow.


To test this new implementation:

  • Go to an Account record
  • Upload an image to the SharinPix album
  • Check if the field Image Count has been updated accordingly

DEPRECATED: Using a Process Builder


This is a deprecated section and is only used for Process Builder maintenance.

To create the Process Builder, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup. In the Quick Find Box, type Process Builder
  • Under Process Automation, select Process Builder
  • Click on New
  • For the newly-created Process Builder:
    1. For the field, Process Name enter SharinPix Album Image Count on Account Object
    2. Enter a description of the process. (This step is optional)
    3. For the field, The process starts when select A record changes
    4. Click Save

Once on the Process Builder editor:

  • Click on Add Object
    1. For the field Object, select SharinPix Image
    2. For the field Start the process, choose only when a record is created
    3. Click on Save
  • Click on Add Criteria
    1. For the field Criteria Name, enter No Criteria
    2. For the field Criteria for Executing Actions, choose No criteria—just execute the actions!
    3. Click onSave
  • Click on Add Action
    1. For the Action Type field, choose Update Records
    2. For the Action Name, enter Update Image Count
    3. For the Record Type, select Select a record related to the sharinpix__SharinPixImage__c. Then from the dropdown menu, select Account
    4. Click on Choose
  • Leave Criteria for Updating Records on No criteria—just update the records!
  • Inside the Set new field values for the records you update section:
    1. For the Field, select Image Count
    2. For the Type, select Formula
    3. For the Value, click on Build a formula 
    4. Inside the formula builder, use the following formula:

[sharinpix__SharinPixImage__c].sharinpix__Account__r.Image_Count__c + 1

       5. Click on Use this Formula

  • Click on Save when done

You can now activate the Process Builder.


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