Release Notes - Q4 2020

Known Bug with correction

  • Copy to Clipboard get fixed size in columns 
  • Einstein: Error on Model Image Classification
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Cannot exit annotation mode for HEIC images (on iOs)
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Roll selection problem (on Android)
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Top icons hidden when coming back from native camera
  • SarinPix Mobile App : Annotation menu problem
  • Single Image : Fix grid size issue (when parameter is not set with a value)
  • Mobile Launcher : User uploading pictures not saved properly
  • Field Service : Service Report Image (not rendering when in Formulas)



  • SharinPix Album - CTR+A (CMD-A)  select all images 
  • SharinPix Album - Compact Layout (optimized space for images)
  • SharinPix Album - Thumbnail View : CTRL or SHIFT + click  extended/removed selection
  • SharinPix Album - Flip Image tool
  • SharinPix Album - Custom label displayed on thumbnails from SharinPix Image custom label  field 
  • SharinPix Related Search - Support Full Screen feature
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Checklist quick change from Camera mode
  • SharinPix Mobile App : return deeplink (to previous app) with photo count
  • SharinPix Mobile App : add compression progress while loading
  • SharinPix Transformation : add support for HTML content (Rich Text oriented)
  • SharinPix To PDF : available on Community
  • SharinPix Single Image Grid : new component!
  • SharinPix Search : Personnalisable image filename from SharinPix Image record field
  • SharinPix Search - Custom label displayed on thumbnails from SharinPix Image custom label  field 
  • Zip Extract : Custom Image File Name from SharinPix Image custom field


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