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Release Notes -5th of March 2019


  • Optimisation requete Einstein box (erreur timeout)
  • Einstein - Analyse and debug dataset not uploading
  • Access Denied while using Share Link
  • Freezed Lightning Component on Community Partner Portal
  • Annotation and deleted images issue
  • Auto tag on Permission object doesn't work
  • "No Image Found" message shortly appear during loading


  • Download on multiple file from the Admin recover album


Vu Nguyen

I got error message Access Denied after adding a picture on a Salesforce object. When I refresh the page, the picture is uploaded.
In the browser console, it says "POST 401 (Unauthorized)"
Vu Nguyen

Azhar Beebeejaun

Hi Vu,

Sorry for the delay - we had some trouble with our comment notification system which is now fixed. Your issue also should now be fixed. If not, please email [email protected] for support requests. Thank you.


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