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Tag Action does not work when uploading images using the SharinPix mobile app. What should I do?

By default, the SharinPix Tag Action is not triggered when uploading images using the SharinPix mobile app.

However, the same action can be performed using a workaround which includes the use of the SharinPix Image Sync and SharinPix Transformation features as well as a Process Builder implementation to update the required field URL when the desired tag is applied.

The following section describes the steps needed to set up the above workaround.

Set up workaround for Tag Action when uploading images using the SharinPix mobile app

To set up an action similar to the Tag Action feature, follow the steps below:

  • Set up the Image Sync feature (if not set up already) for the object you intend to use. For more information on how to setup the Image Sync, refer to this article: Setup SharinPix Image Sync
  • Next, set up the SharinPix Transformation feature so that it reflects the your Tag Action configuration, that is, use the same field name, transformation (i.e., field value such as Fill to size, Pad to size) and value as per your Tag Action configuration.

Note: You should use the same SharinPix Sync Setting created in the previous step when configuring the transformation

This transformation will generate an image URL with the configured format. This URL is available on the image's corresponding SharinPix Image record.

Save the transformation when done. For more information about SharinPix Transformation and how they are configured, refer to the following article: SharinPix Transformation - get your images automatically resized!

  • Once you configured the Image Sync and Transformation, create a Process Builder for the SharinPix Image object that will copy the URL generated from the SharinPix Image field to the desired object field as explained below:
    • Create a Process Builder named Tag Action Workaround for Mobile
    • Enter a description for the process (This step is optional)
    • For the field The process starts when, select A record changes
    • Click Save
    • Once on the Process Builder editor, click on Add Object and enter the following details:
      1. For the field Object, select SharinPix Image
      2. For the field Start the process, choose when a record is created or edited
      3. Click on Save
    • Next, click on Add Criteria and enter the following details:
      1. For the field Criteria Name, enter Main tag is applied
      2. For the field Criteria for Executing Actions, select Conditions are met
      3. Inside the Set Conditions section, choose Tags as the field, Contains as the operator, String as the type and #main# as the value


The previous step is where you specify the desired tag. In this scenario, we are using the main tag.

You should ensure that the technical tag name is entered as the value, that is, the tag name in-between two hashes: #<tag name>#

  • Click Save when done. Then, click on Add Action and enter the following details:
    1. For the Action Type, choose Update Records
    2. For the Action Name, enter  Update Account
    3. For the Record Type, select Select a record related to the sharinpix__SharinPixImage__c. Then from the dropdown menu, select Account
    4. Click on Choose
  • Leave Criteria for Updating Records on No criteria—just update the records!
  • Inside the Set new field values for the records you update section:
    1. For the Field, select the desired URL field previously
    2. For the Type, select Field Reference
    3. For the Value, choose the field used in the SharinPix Transformation configuration
  • Click Save when done

You can now activate the Process Builder.

The SharinPix Transformation will ensure that the image URL generation and the Process Builder will ensure that the desired field is populated with image URL.


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