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What is the pricing for SharinPix?

SharinPix is coming with 3 different prices:

  • A price for Salesforce users with 3 different plans : 
    • Basic  2€ ($3) -  upload / view - desktop usage only
    • Premium 4€ ($5) - advanced usage with Salesforce mobile support (doesn't work with Field Service)
    • Enterprise 10€ ($12) - full experience required for Field Service implementation

As additional options, you also have : 

  • A price for Salesforce Community users (works with both member based or login based engagement)
  • A price for External usage (per volume, with 2 prices to display or to upload images)

Specific price are also available for Einstein Vision Apps and Service including : 

  • SharinPix for Einstein Vision Labelling App
  • SharinPix for Einstein Vision Review App
  • SharinPix for Einstein Vision Update App
  • SharinPix Labelling Services

Non-profit get 10% discount + Free services and no minimal number of users per order.

Engagement are for 12 Months (or more) and for a minimum of 10 Premium Users.

SharinPix Starter Pack (10 Premium Licenses) includes unlimited support and helps for your first implementation or any proof of concept.

All users with a need to access to the images need a licenses, even just to view it through the SharinPix App.

Want more details? Have some questions about our pricing?

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