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What is the pricing for SharinPix?

SharinPix is coming with 3 different prices:

  • A price for Salesforce users with 3 different plans : 
    • Basic  2€ ($3) -  upload / view - desktop usage only
    • Premium 4€ ($5) - advanced usage with Salesforce mobile support (doesn't work with Field Service)
    • Enterprise 10€ ($12) - full experience required for Field Service implementation

As additional options, you also have : 

  • A price for Salesforce Community users (works with both member based or login based engagement)
  • A price for External usage (per volume, with 2 prices to display or to upload images)

Specific price are also available for Einstein Vision Apps and Service including : 

  • SharinPix for Einstein Vision Labelling App
  • SharinPix for Einstein Vision Review App
  • SharinPix for Einstein Vision Update App
  • SharinPix Labelling Services

Non-profit get 10% discount + Free services and no minimal number of users per order.

Engagement are for 12 Months (or more) and for a minimum of 10 Enterprise Users.

SharinPix Starter Pack (10 Enterprise Licenses) includes unlimited support and helps for your first implementation or any proof of concept.

For the Premium Plan the minimum order is 20 users.

For the Basic Plan the minimum order is 40 users.

All users with a need to access to the images need a licenses, even just to view it through the SharinPix App.

Want more details? Have some questions about our pricing?

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