Release Notes - Q3 2022

Known Bug with correction

  • SharinPix Mobile App : missing GSP information


  • SharinPix Mobile App : constant watermark (Time / Date / GPS/Orientation)
  • SharinPix Mobile App : Compass (Orientation)
  • SharinPix Mobile App : New Look and Feel
  • SharinPix Mobile App : online mode (display album from token)
  • SharinPix Mobile App : GPS location on each media instead of batch 
  • SharinPix Mobile App: Configurable Output Height/Resolution for Simple Camera Preview
  • SharinPix Upload Button : limited to specific extension
  • SharinPix Plan Item : open Plan Item from list
  • SharinPix Plan : auto numbering on item (and displayed as number)
  • SharinPix Plan : Plan Item can be created without being visible on the plan
  • SharinPix PDF Form Builder : create a PDF form to be used in SharinPix without external app
  • SharinPix Utils : Dynamic Watermark (automation to fill images with Salesforce Field values)


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