SharinPix Plan


This feature is only available on Lightning. It can be used:

  • On Page Builder
  • On Desktop
  • In Flows (but not in Field Service Mobile Flow)
  • In Salesforce Community
  • In your own Lightning Component development

To use the SharinPix Plan component, simply need to drag and drop the component from the Lightning App Builder onto your page layout.


Field API Name Type Description
Plan Data Source Id
String Id of Record containing the field specified by Plan Data Field API Name from where the plan data is to be retrieved. Leave blank to use data from Background Image Album record.
Plan Data Field API Name planDataFieldApiName
String (Mandatory field)
API name of the field containing plan-related information. Current Record Id will be used if Plan Data Source Id is not specified. This field needs to be a Long Text Area.
Background Image Album Field API Name
String API name of the field containing the record ID for the image to be displayed, with respect to the Background Image Tag set. Defaults to Record Id.
Background Image Tag
String Tag name to be used to identify an image from the album set by Background Image Album Field API Name or otherwise, the current record’s album.
Height height Integer The height of the component (in px). Default: 500
Mode mode Picklist Mode of the plan. Possible values are: readonly, geocode, and edit
SharinPix Plan Setting Name settingName String SharinPix Plan Setting Name configured for this plan component. More information on how to configure the SharinPix Plan Setting below.
Display Lookup Field
String Field API Name of the Lookup relationship to filter SharinPix Plan Items to be displayed based on record Id.
Field Set Name fieldSet String Field Set Name which will decide the fields to be displayed on the plan item record. The default field set will be used if left blank. Only available in edit mode.
Marker label field API Name markerlabelFieldApiName String Field API Name of the marker title to be displayed on the Plan.
Enable Toast enableToast Boolean Show toast when a plan is successfully updated
Custom Permission ID or Name permissionId String
Name or ID of a SharinPix Permission object.
Component Id componentId
String (Optional)
Component Id to identify the SharinPix Plan component (useful when more than 1 component is present on the same page)
Parent Plan Data Field API Name parentPlanDataFieldApiName String
This field is deprecated and should be ignored.

SharinPix Plan Setting

SharinPix Plan Setting will be used to be able to determine the relationship between the object SharinPix Plan Item. The SharinPix Plan Item is the object which will save the annotations such as Marker, CircleMarker, Poloygon, Line, and Rectangle. 

Before you create the SharinPix Plan Setting, you need to create the relationship between your main object and the SharinPix Plan Item. Create a field of type lookup on the SharinPix Plan Item object. Save the field API name as it will be used for the configuration later. 

Steps to configure the SharinPix Plan Item:

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup
  2. Open Custom Metadata Types
  3. Click on Manage Records for SharinPix Plan Setting Custom metadata type
  4. Insert a label and name
  5. Insert your object API name 
  6. Insert the field API name of the field recently created on the SharinPix Plan Item
  7. In the section Plan Item Setting, add a Default color.
  8. Check Auto Number (if you want the auto numbering option to appear on the marker).

Once the plan setting has been configured, assign the permission set SharinPix Plan to all users needing access to the Plan component. This permission set gives users the necessary access to the SharinPix Plan Item object and fields.


The auto numbering will appear only on the new  SharinPix Plan Item (marker) created from version 1.247. SharinPix Plan Item created before version 1.247 will not have an auto numbering option.

Final Setup

Now open your Lightning Builder for a record page. Add the appropriate configurations based on your business rule.


preview plan


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