SharinPix App

The SharinPix App provides quick access to the following SharinPix features: 

It is advisable to restrict access to the SharinPix App to System Admins to limit end users from gaining access to undesirable personalizations. 

How to access the SharinPix App?

To access the SharinPix App features, follow the steps below:

  • Open App Launcher
  • Search SharinPix App
  • You will be directed to the SharinPix App as depicted below.

SharinPix App features

SharinPix Settings

The SharinPix Settings tab contains the following: 

  • Salesforce SharinPix API access status.
  • SharinPix Salesforce full API access status.
  • Google API Key for components such as SharinPix Map.
  • Access to the SharinPix Administration Dashboard using the Go to administration dashboard button.

The Einstein Ready section has been deprecated.

SharinPix Permission

The SharinPix Permission object permits users to configure a set of SharinPix album abilities.

Once created, a SharinPix Permission record can be assigned to:

  • SharinPix Album components
  • SharinPix Single Image components
  • SharinPix Search components
  • SharinPix Mobile Launcher components

For more information, you can go to SharinPix Permission Object.

The Search Image Tab can be used to search for any images uploaded to records listed in a Salesforce report. For more information on this feature, you can go to Search Image Tab.

SharinPix Documentation

The SharinPix Documentation tab contains all SharinPix articles and FAQs.

SharinPix Support

The SharinPix Support tab enables users to create a support ticket.

Users can describe the issue, attach screenshots, and specify their timezone for better assistance before submitting the ticket.


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