SharinPix Merge Album

The SharinPix Merge Album component permits to merge images from a specific SharinPix Album to another album.

It could be use to pull images from an existing record (from a field pointing to this record) and copy those pictures into the current record.


This feature is only available on Lightning. It can be used on:

  • Page Builder
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • In your own Lightning Component development

Getting Started

To use the SharinPix Merge Album component, you simply need to drag and drop the component from the Lightning App Builder onto your page layout.

Lightning Component Parameters

  • Button label: Used to specify the button's label. The default value is SharinPix Merge Albums.
  • Source Record Id Field API Name: API name of field containing the record ID of the source album.
  • Duplicate Images: Duplicate the images instead of moving them permanently. If this option is selected, the images available in the source album will not be moved, but only duplicated instead.


The picture below shows the source album on a Contact record:

The picture below shows the target album on an Account record before using the SharinPix Merge Album component:

To merge the images from the source album to the target album, click on the button SharinPix Merge Album.

The picture below shows the result in the target album after using the SharinPix Merge Album component:


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