Generate SharinPix Mobile URL

The following article will show how it is possible to generate a SharinPix Mobile URL that will launch the SharinPix Offline Mobile application.

The method package SharinPix comes along with a utility method named generateMobileAppUrl that takes as parameters:

  •  albumId: corresponds to the album where photos, shot by the SharinPix offline Mobile application, are uploaded to.
  • options: refers to a Map data structure that contains the name of the Job (name) and the expiration value, in seconds, of the SharinPix Mobile URL (linkExpiration). It also includes other mobile parameters using the key (claims) with a Map of keys that should be present in the token.

The code snippet below shows how this method is used to generate the url:

String albumId = 'insert_your_album_id';
String name = 'job1';
Integer linkExpiration = 100;

Map<String, Object> options = new Map<String, Object> {
    'name' => name,
    'linkExpiration' => linkExpiration

sharinpix.Utils util = new sharinpix.Utils();
String mobileAppURL = util.generateMobileAppUrl(albumId, options);

If tokens should not contain a userId, the parameter 'anonymousUser' should be added to claims section, as demonstrated below to remove any user association.

Map<String, Object> options = new Map<String, Object> {
    'name' => name,
    'linkExpiration' => linkExpiration,
    'claims' => new Map<String, Object> {
        'anonymousUser' => true //this removes any user association