Client Side notification – tag-image-new (Footer)

In the present article, an example case study will be shown on the use of the tag-image-new event. This example will demonstrate how a footer is displayed whenever a new tag is added to an image.

  • The current example only serves as a showcase of what can be done by capturing the event emitted whenever a new tag is added to a specific image.

The SharinPix Album below contains photos of model parts that contain a product information tag.

  • Upon clicking on an image's thumbnail, the large view mode is activated.

Whenever a tag reference is applied to the image, model, id and serial number fields are displayed to allow the user to enter the corresponding model, ID and serial number represented on the product tag found in the image. The screenshot below illustrates this feature.

The event tag-image-new is one of many SharinPix events. To learn more about these SharinPix Events, refer to the following chapter: SharinPix integration - events .


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