Thumbnail view - Tags

Filter by Tags

The Tags button on the SharinPix album header permits to filter which Tag you would like to see on the Album.​​​​

  • Click on a tag label, from the menu access, to display images tagged with the same label only.
  • Only images with the corresponding tag are displayed.

For more information on how the image tag work,  refer to the following link : 

Tag an image

  • Clicking on a Tag label on top of any thumbnail will automatically move to filtered view as well.
  • Images are filtered with the same tag.
  • Once in filtered view, you can navigate back to the original viewing mode  by using the Back button.

Delete Tag

  • In the filtered view you also have access to a delete tag icon which comes on top right corner of each image.

Create new Tag

  • Select an image
  • Click on the menu and then select + Add new tag.
  • Enter the name of the tag you wish to create, if not already present on the drop-down.
  • The tag is now created and already applied to the previously-selected image.


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