Predefine tags for your users

The present article assumes that you have access to the Administration Dashboard.

  • It is possible to add a new tag for your users by accessing the Administration Dashboard as shown below.
  • Select Tags from the top navigation bar.
  • Click on New Tag.

You will be presented with the input fields as illustrated below:

  • Within the Organization drop-down, select the relevant Salesforce Organization to your context.
  • In the Name field, enter the name of your desired tag.
  • In the Label en, enter the English equivalent of your tag's name.
  • In the Label fr, enter the french equivalent of your tag's name.
  • Select the color of the label just as it will be displayed on the SharinPix Album.
  • The checked/true value for the Listed checkbox is the default for a newly-created tag.
  • The Public checkbox represents the value that states whether the tag is visible in within an external context.
  • The Always Visible checkbox represents the value that states whether the current tag is made available to all SharinPix Album within the current Salesforce Organization.
  • The Allow download checkbox states that the currently-tagged image is available for the download option.
  • Click on Create Tag when you are done. And voilá !, you just created your first tag.  


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