SharinPix To Rich Text Area

The SharinPix To Rich Text Area component permits to send and display a list of images selected from SharinPix Album component to a Rich Text Field in the form of a table of images.


This feature is only available on Lightning. It can be used on:

  • Community Builder
  • Page Builder
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Getting Started


In order to use this component, you should ensure that:

  1. Image Sync is enabled for the SharinPix Album component. To do so, check the Enable Image Sync checkbox in the SharinPix Album's parameters. This step is required to enable the creation of SharinPix Image Objects upon image uploads. You can click here for more information about how to setup the SharinPix Image Sync.
  2. Your Record Page has at least one field of type Text Area (Rich) to append the images to.
  3. The Text Area (Rich) field should be set at maximum length, that is, at 131,072 characters.

To use the SharinPix To Rich Text Area component, you simply need to drag and drop the component from the Lightning App Builder onto your page layout.

Lightning Component Parameters

  • Rich Text Area to append to: The field in which the table of images will be appended.
  • Append Button Label: The personalized label if needed (By default it’s Append to + the label of the field)
  • Replace Rich Text Area content: If checked, the targeted Rich Text Area's contents will be replaced. Previous content will be lost and cannot be recovered.
  • Image URL field: The image URL field from SharinPix Image object you want us to use (Type of image transformation). The default value is sharinpix__ImageURLFull__c which displays the images in full size.
  • Image Caption text: The text field from SharinPix Image object used as caption for each image.
  • Number of columns: The number of columns you want for the table generated for the table of images.
  • Group by: Group images in date sections according to date field chosen. Leave None if no section is needed.


The SharinPix package includes the Apex class SharinPixToRichTextAutomation consisting of an invocable method which can be used to automatically append images to a Rich Text using Process Builders and Flows. For more information on how to set up such automations, refer to the following article: Append images to a Rich Text field using a Process Builder or Flow (Admin-Oriented)


Upload and select SharinPix images:

Click on the button Append to My Images to generate the table and to display the images inside the targeted Rich Text field as shown below:

Below is an example of a table with sections of images date taken.


If no images have been selected, all images found in the album will selected by default to generate the table of images.


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