SharinPix Language Translation

The components and features included in SharinPix package are in english by default.

However, changing the language from english to french provides translation for some SharinPix components/features such as the SharinPix Album component, the SharinPix Global Settings among others.

To change the language for SharinPix, proceed as follows:

  • Open the SharinPix Admin Dashboard
  • From the top menu bar, click on Settings
  • Then click on the button Edit Organization
  • Next, set your prefered language (en or fr) in the field labelled as Locale

If you want to provide more translation for SharinPix, you can use the Translation Workbench provided by Salesforce.

Translation Workbench is a feature which once enabled, helps you translate almost everything in your organisation ranging from Salesforce standard objects, labels and customisations such as custom field labels, picklist values and Visualforce page contents.

You can also use Rename Tabs and Labels to rename SharinPix tabs and labels.


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