Thumbnail View

The thumbnail view is composed of 3 parts:

The Thumbnail view possesses the following features:

1. The Header

The Header contains actionable buttons.

2. The Preview Pane

The Preview Page displays an image thumbnail.

The footer will contain pagination if ever you have more images than the current allowed space for SharinPix can handle.

4. Select image

Each thumbnail allows you to select an image (using the check box upon the thumbnail).

5. View original-sized image

Clicking on the thumbnail allows you to view the image in its original size.

6. Menu Access

The actionable buttons morph  into a menu access when images are selected.

7. Drag and Drop area

When the album is empty, the thumbnail view is turned into a drag and drop area.

8. Drag and Drop image

When the album host images, you can still drag and drop images on any blank part (around the images).


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