SharinPix Share Selection

SharinPix Share Selection Component allows you to share images that have been selected on SharinPix components, such as SharinPix Album, SharinPix Search and SharinPIx Related Search.


This feature is only available on Lightning. It can be used:

  • Community Builder
  • Page Builder
  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Getting Started

To use the SharinPix Album component, you simply need to drag and drop the component from the Lightning App Builder onto your page layout.

Lightning Component Parameters

Generate Token Button Label: Used to specify the button's label. The default value is Generate Shareable Images URL.

The button SharinPix Share Selection will only be enabled when one or more images have been selected.


Copy Generated Token and URL

The component provides 2 buttons Copy Shearable URL and Copy Token. 

  • Copy Shearable URL will copy the generated token with the SharinPix base URL.
  • Copy Token will copy only the token which has been generated.

The generated token has an expiry date of 90 days after being generated.


Only a maximum of 125 images can be shared.


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