SharinPix Community users access rights

In this article, we will demonstrate how to give proper access rights to Community users using SharinPix components, objects or SharinPix Image Sync.

By default, Community users do not have all access rights to SharinPix.

Access rights issues regarding the usage of SharinPix by Community users occur mainly when:

  • Community users try to apply the SharinPix Image Sync feature
  • Community users try to access SharinPix components
  • Community users try to access SharinPix objects

We will address these issues in the following sections. 

Give Community users access to SharinPix Image Sync

The SharinPix package includes the Permission Set named SharinPix Image Sync for Community Users that provides proper access rights to the SharinPix Image object which is used by the SharinPix Image Sync feature.

Therefore, to enable Community users to perform Image Sync, the SharinPix Image Sync for Community Users should be assigned to them.

For more information about the Permission Sets provided by SharinPix, please to the following article:

SharinPix Permission Sets

Give Community users access to SharinPix components

To give Community users access to SharinPix components, the SharinPix Lightning Components Permission Set should be assigned to them.

Give Community users access to SharinPix records

In some cases, Community users need access to SharinPix objects such as SharinPix Permission. In such situations, you should proceed as follows:

  • Go to Setup and search for Sharing Settings
  • Once on the Sharing Settings page, click on the Edit button
  • Next search for the object you intend to give access to Community users. We will use the SharinPix Permission object for this demo
  • Under the Default External Access column for the SharinPix Permission object, change the value from Private to Public Read/Write
  • Click on Save when done


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