Remove Tag

Thumbnail View

  • It is possible to remove a tag from one or multiple images from the Thumbnail View through the use of the Filter by Tags feature. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.
  • Select the Filter by Tags option from the Thumbnail View.
  • Select the tag you intend to remove. (In this case, it is the tag Sea)
  • Only the image(s) with the selected tag is then displayed.
  • Click on the remove tag icon, as designated below, to remove the tag from the image.

Large View

  • Access the Large View of an image by selecting its thumbnail.
  • Select the tags option from the toolbar as shown in the screenshot below. 

A list of tags is shown. The tags marked with the tick symbol "✔" indicate that the corresponding tag is applied to the current image while the unmarked tags indicate that they are not applied to the current image. For example in the image below, the tag Person is already applied while the tag Sea is not.

  • To remove a tag from an image, simply click on the marked tag.