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Token validation or invalidation using Session ID


SharinPix tokens securely transmit information from its SharinPix components to Salesforce. They are commonly used:

  • To display specific SharinPix images.
  • On SharinPix components such as albums and search components.
  • To upload photos using the SharinPix mobile app.

A token expiration date can be set using the exp parameter when the token validation period is known. Expired tokens are no more valid and cannot be used to upload photos.

In cases, where the token expiration date is unknown or the token should be invalidated after a specific record action, a session ID can be created to control the token validity. 

One example is restricting access to a SharinPix Album component by invalidating its token once an Opportunity record has been closed.


For more information on SharinPix Tokens, refer to this article:

Working with SharinPix Tokens


  • Validating/Invalidating tokens can be performed by admins only.
  • Invalidated tokens can be validated again using the session ID.


First, when creating a token, it should include " session_id: 'album-id-open' ",(Example: 0011t00001kgsuaaar-open) as shown below.

Adding session id in the token will create a session and then will be used to validate or invalidate that token. 

You can refer to the articles below to create a token:

Validating or invalidating a token

There are two different approaches to perform this task:

  1.  Through the administration dashboard
  2.  Using a Salesforce Flow

1. Update token validity through administration dashboard.

Go to SharinPix Settings --> administration dashboard --> Sessions 

Then choose the sessionId you want to validate/invalidate, then click on the hyperlink 'invalidate' or 'validate' as shown below.

2. Update token validity through Salesforce Flow.

This section demonstrates how to create a Flow that invokes the Apex class, UpdateSessionValidity in order to invalidate a token when an Opportunity record stage is changed to Closed.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup. In the Quick Find Box, type Flows.
  • Under Process Automation, select Flows.
  • Click on the New Flow button.
  • Select the option Record-Triggered Flow, and click on the Create button.
  • After clicking on Create, the Configure Start modal will be displayed. Fill in the modal as indicated below:
    • Select Object: Opportunity
    • Configure Trigger: A record is updated
    • For the Set Entry Conditions section:
      1.  Select All Conditions Are Met (AND)
      2. For the Field, select StageName
      3. Select Equals as Operator
      4. Select 'Closedfor the Value parameter
    • When to Run the Flow for Updated Records: Only when a record is updated to meet the condition requirements
    • Optimize the Flow for: Actions and Related Records
  • Click on Done to save the configurations.

After creating a flow, add an Action element.

On the Action modal, use the search bar to find the sharinpix__UpdateSessionValidity Apex class.

Click on sharinpix__UpdateSessionValidity.

On the Action modal for sharinpix__UpdateSessionValidity, populate the fields as indicated below:

  • Label: Enter a label.
  • Description: Enter a description (optional).
  • Session ID: Enter the session Id for the token you wish to validate or invalidate.
  • Valid: It should be either true or false.
    • Note: Parameter true is for validating the session while false is for invalidating the session.
  • Click Done to save the Action configurations.   
  • Save the Flow and activate it.


To test the Flow:

  • Go on an Opportunity record, and update the stage to Closed.
  • The token was for a SharinPix Album, therefore check if you are not able to access the SharinPix Album.

Before updating Stage to Closed

The SharinPix Album (before stage is changed to Closed ) is illustrated in the picture below.

The picture below shows the session Id is valid before updating the Opportunity record. 

After updating Stage to Closed

The picture below demonstrates the SharinPix Album after updating the stage to Closed.

The picture shows the session Id has been invalidated when the Opportunity's status changed to Closed.


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