Personnalise your Page with SharinPix Chatter Feed

As we saw in the previous section, we can add Chatter on specific images or annotations with the SharinPix Album with Chatter component. However, it requires quite a lot of space and it is sometimes convenient to separate the SharinPix Album and the Chatter component.


  • The SharinPix Album with Chatter component was previously named SharinPix with Chatter.
  • The SharinPix Album component was previously named SharinPix.


Edit your lightning page by clicking on the "Edit Page" in the settings dropdown.

Once done, add the the SharinPix Album component and the SharinPix Chatter component on the page wherever it is appropriate for you.

Once done, add the same Component ID to the to both components. (The Component ID is an arbitrary text, in my case it is accountPage).

Once completed, click on the save button on the top right corner.


You can now use the chatter in the same way as shown here.