Rename a SharinPix album using a Flow (Admin-Oriented)

This article demonstrates how to rename a SharinPix album using a Salesforce Flow.

For this demo, we will use the Lead and Opportunity objects.

The setup will be in such a way that when a Lead record is converted into an Opportunity, the Lead's album is copied to the Opportunity record.

The SharinPix package includes the Apex class RenameAlbum which is used to rename SharinPix albums.

Creation of the Flow

This section demonstrates how to create a Flow that invokes the Apex class, RenameAlbum in order to rename albums on Lead records and copy them to the converted Opportunity record.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup. In the Quick Find Box, type Flows.
  • Under Process Automation, select Flows.
  • Click on the New Flow button.
  • Select the option Record-Triggered Flow, and click on the Create button.
  • After clicking on Create, the Configure Start modal will be displayed. Fill in the modal as indicated below:
    • Select Object: Lead
    • Configure Trigger: A record is created or updated
    • For the Set Entry Conditions section:
      1.  Select All Conditions Are Met (AND)
      2. For the Field, select ConvertedOpportunityId
      3. Select Is Changed for the Equals parameter
      4. Select {!$GlobalConstant.True} for the Value parameter
    • When to Run the Flow for Updated Records: Every time a record is updated and meets the condition requirements
    • Optimize the Flow for: Actions and Related Records
  • Click on Done to save the configurations.
  • Next, add an Action element.
  • On the Action modal, use the search bar to find the sharinpix__RenameAlbum Apex class.
  • Click on sharinpix__RenameAlbum.
  • On the Action modal for sharinpix__RenameAlbum, populate the fields as indicated below:
    • Label: Rename Lead album
    • Description: Enter a description (optional)
    • Current Album ID: {!$Record.Id}
      • Note: This is a mandatory field and refers to the current Lead ID.
    • New Album ID: {!$Record.ConvertedOpportunityId}
      • Note: This is a mandatory field and refers to the converted Opportunity ID.
  • Click Done to save the Action configurations.   
  • Save the Flow and activate it.


To test the Flow:

  • Go on a Lead record and upload some images to its corresponding SharinPix album.
  • Then, convert the Lead.
  • Go to the converted Opportunity record. The images previously uploaded on the Lead are now available on the converted Opportunity album.


This implementation can also be used when attempting to copy a SharinPix Album integrated on a website to a Salesforce record.

For example, suppose you want to copy the album from the website to a Lead record, here you will need to capture the ID of the album found on the website and store the same as a temporary ID in a Salesforce field on the Lead object. Then, create a Flow that invokes the method RenameAlbum to perform the renaming. In this case, the Current Album ID will be the temporary ID and the New Album ID will be the Lead record's ID.

DEPRECATED: Creation of the Process Builder

This section demonstrates how to create a Process Builder that invokes the Apex class RenameAlbum to rename an album.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup. In the Quick Find Box, type Process Builder
  • Under Process Automation, select Process Builder
  • Click on New
  • For the newly-created Process Builder:
    1. For the field, Process Name enter SharinPix Rename Lead To Opportunity Album
    2. Enter a description for the process (This step is optional)
    3. For the field The process starts when, select A record changes
    4. Click Save

Once on the Process Builder editor:

  • Click on Add Object
    1. For the field Object, select Lead
    2. For the field Start the process, choose when a record is created or edited
    3. Click on Save
  • Next, click on Add Criteria
    1. For the field Criteria Name, enter On Lead to Opportunity conversion
    2. For the field Criteria for Executing Actions, select Conditions are met
  • Inside the Set Conditions section
    1. Choose Converted Opportunity ID as the field
    2. Then, select Is Changed as the operator, Boolean as the type and True as the value
  • Leave the field Conditions as All of the conditions are met (AND)
  • Next, click on Add Action
    1. For the Action Type, choose Apex
    2. For the Action Name, enter Rename Opportunity album
    3. For the Apex Class, select sharinpix__RenameAlbum
  • Inside the Set Apex Variables:
    1. For the field New Album ID, choose Field Reference as the type. For the value, choose Converted Opportunity ID
    2. For the field Current Album ID, choose Field Reference as the type and Lead ID as the value
  • Click Save when done

You can now activate the Process Builder.


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