Using the Search Image tab

The SharinPix Image Search tab (as shown in the screenshot below)can be accessed in:

Purpose of the Search Image Tab

By selecting a report (you can either select it by entering a Report ID or choosing the report in the available Report List),  the Search Image Tab can be used to search for any images enclosed into records listed on that report. 

The search results can be filtered through the use of tags as well.

Components of the Search Image Tab

  1. Report parameters where you can choose the report listing your objects
  2. Tags selector where you can filter based on tags
  3. Results where SharinPix permits you to navigate through the resulting images

App Launcher in Salesforce Lightning

In Salesforce Lightning Experience, the SharinPix Image Search tab can be accessed under items from the App Launcher.

Custom tab in Salesforce Classic

In Salesforce Classic Experience, the SharinPix Image Search tab can be accessed  as a Custom Tab from the navigation bar as shown below.


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