View a SharinPix album from the SFS (FSL) app

This article demonstrates how to make use of the SharinPix app's online mode to view a SharinPix album from the SFS app.

To do so, you will need to:


  • This feature works only when online
  • Ensure that the latest version of the SharinPix mobile app has been downloaded on your device before implementing this feature

Generation of the SharinPix token (Developer-Oriented)

The SharinPix token will allow user to view a SharinPix album that corresponds to a Salesforce record on the SharinPix mobile app.

To generate such tokens automatically and store them in Salesforce fields, a Salesforce Trigger can be implemented. For more information on how to implement a trigger that will automatically generate a token on Salesforce records, refer to the following SharinPix article:

SharinPix automatic token generation (Developer-oriented)

Construction of the SharinPix deeplink

Once your token has been generated and stored in a Salesforce field, go ahead and construct the SharinPix  deeplink as follows:

sharinpix://online?token={! <FieldApiName> }&

Note: The section <FieldApiName> should be replaced by the field API Name of the field storing the SharinPix token. For example:

sharinpix://native_app/online?token={! SharinPix_Token__c }&


  • The above deeplink makes use of the SharinPix mobile app online mode feature. This feature allows access to online features such as SharinPix images, albums and search within the SharinPix mobile app itself. For more information about the online mode, refer to the following article:

SharinPix Mobile App: Online mode

  • The above configuration is also compatible with SharinPix universal links. The SharinPix online mode format for universal links is as follows:{! <FieldApiName> }&

Creation of the App Extension

Once your SharinPix deeplink is ready, create a new App Extension. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Setup then type Field Service Mobile Settings in the Quick Find box. Click on Field Service Mobile Settings.
  • Click on the Show Details button next to the Field Service Mobile Settings item
  • Scroll down to the App Extensions Section
  • Click on New to create a new App Extension
  • Next, fill the App Extension details as follows:
    • For the Type, select Android if you intent to use the App Extension on Android platforms or select iOS if you intent to use on iOS platforms
    • For the Launch Value, enter the SharinPix deeplink constructed in the previous section, that is, sharinpix://online?token={! SharinPix_Token__c }& in our case 
    • To complete, fill the other required fields

To test the implementation:

  • Log onto the SFS app
  • Access the object on which the App Extension has been made available
  • From the Actions menu, select the newly created App Extension. This action will launch the SharinPix mobile app to display the album


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