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Search for Images in Salesforce using SharinPix

Searching for images can be done in many different ways when using Salesforce with SharinPix.

1) Views and Reports on SharinPix Image records: SharinPix Image is a custom object which can easily be used to create reports or views to find/filter/display SharinPix Image records provided you have setup SharinPix Image Sync

2) Salesforce Search on SharinPix Image records: for the same reason, you can also search for those SharinPix records and get results as with any other Search in Salesforce

3) Using SharinPix Image Search tab: this tab permits the usage of a report to search for SharinPix image records based on the records listed in that specific report.

4) Using your own filters and SharinPix search component: You can implement your own filters to query a Salesforce record list. Using this list you can get the images associated with the listed records and display the same in the SharinPix Search Component. For more details on how to implement your own SharinPix Search component, refer to this article : Using your personalized Search


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