Using on Salesforce Mobile Apps

In the present chapter, we demonstrate the ways SharinPix can be used through:

Details on how to accomplish this magic can be found through the links provided below.

Adding SharinPix Canvas on Detail Page

In this section we will see that it is possible to add the SharinPix Canvas App on the Detail Page of an Account object.

As it can be seen in the screenshot above, the SharinPix Canvas is displayed on the Detail Page of the Account object inside the Salesforce Mobile Application.


If you want to see the steps required to add the SharinPix Canvas App to the detail page of an object, refer to the following article: 

Basic Setup - Step 3a

Opening SharinPix Album with Lightning action

In this section we will be shown that it is possible to launch a SharinPix Album from a lightning action in the Salesforce Mobile App.

SharinPix Album in Salesforce App

The SharinPix Album custom action can also be accessed from the Salesforce Mobile application as shown in the images below.

  • The SharinPix Album is accessed from the Action Bar.
  • Open the SharinPix Album.


Check out the documentation on how to accomplish this step:

Integrating SharinPix Album with Lightning Action

Launching SharinPix mobile App from Salesforce Field Service Lightning App

In this section, we will see that it is possible to launch the SharinPix Mobile Application from the Field Service Lightning Mobile Application.

  • Select the button with the Lightning-shaped icon.

You will be able to select a custom action that will launch a flow. (Take Pictures)

The flow will be launched and you will be prompted on the screen as shown below.

  • Upon clicking on the Take Before Pictures link, the SharinPix Mobile Application will be launched.
  • Once the SharinPix Mobile App is launched, you will be able to snap pictures.


For the steps required to launch the SharinPix Mobile Application from the Salesforce Field Service Lightning App, refer to the following documentation:

Integrating SharinPix with Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile App

Launching SharinPix Mobile App from Salesforce Mobile App using Visualforce page

You can construct a Visualforce page to open the SharinPix Mobile App using the SharinPix Launcher Visualforce component.

The article, Using the Mobile Launcher Visualforce Component details how to implement this.

The component appears as a button available on the Salesforce Mobile App.

Launching SharinPix Mobile App from Salesforce Mobile App using Formula Field

It is possible to launch the SharinPix mobile app using a formula field found on the page-layout of an object. 

  • The formula field needs to be of type text.
  • Within the formula, the function HYPERLINK contains the SharinPix URL. 


In this example, the SharinPix mobile app is launched from the Salesforce mobile application.

In the screenshot below, the formula field Launch SharinPix Mobile App containing the SharinPix URL has been added to the detail page-layout of the Account object.

  • Upon clicking on this Open Camera App field, the SharinPix Mobile App is launched.

The formula behind Open Camera App field should be something like:

HYPERLINK('sharinpix://upload?token=' & SharinPix_Token_Part_1__c & SharinPix_Token_Part_2__c & SharinPix_Token_Part_3__c , 'Click to Open Camera', '_blank')


 SharinPix native mobile app integrates with Salesforce mobile using deeplink (URL starting with Sharinpix://). It does not work on a URL Button.

You can learn more about SharinPix deeplink syntax here.

Launching SharinPix Mobile App from Salesforce Mobile App with Lightning Action and Visual Force Page

In this context, the SharinPix Mobile app is launched from the Salesforce mobile application using  a custom action and the Case object.

The screenshot below shows the presence of a Quick Action Take Pictures. 

Upon clicking upon the Quick Action, a custom Visualforce Page is displayed. The Visualforce Page contains a SharinPix URL which in turn is used to launch the SharinPix Mobile Application.

Each SharinPix URL contains a different set of parameters which will launch the SharinPix Mobile Application into different modes.

When clicking upon the link Take Pictures with Camera, the SharinPix Mobile Application is automatically launched into Camera Mode.


If you want to know more about the features of the SharinPix Mobile Application, refer to the following documentation: SharinPix Mobile App 

For details on SharinPix mobile App deeplink URL technologie and parameters, you can refer to  this following documentation : SharinPix deeplink URL syntax

For an implementation example on the Visualforce page to replicate this behavior, please refer to this documentation: Integrating SharinPix with Salesforce Mobile App using Lightning Action and Visualforce


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