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SharinPix WebView on a Native iOS Mobile Application

A WebView (or WKWebView on iOS) is a component inside a Swift application which allows the display of a web app inside a mobile application. By running the SharinPix web app inside a WebView, your native Swift application will contain the SharinPix experience usually available on Salesforce and the web. It can be seen as the equivalent of an iframe tag in HTML.

  • The folks at AppCoda have a simple tutorial on how to include a basic WebView in your application. You can follow it and try embedding SharinPix in your own app.
  • You have to use the link in your created WebView with a generated token.

Below is an example how to generate token:

token = sharinpix.Client.getInstance().token(
                new Map<String, Object> {
                    'Id' => wOrder.Id,
                    'exp' => 0,
                    'path' => '/pagelayout/' + wOrder.Id,
                    'abilities' => new Map<String, Object> {
                        wOrder.Id => new Map<String, Object> {
                            'Access' => new Map<String, Boolean> {
                                'see' => true,
                                'image_list' => true,
                                'image_upload' => true,
                                'image_delete' => true
                        'Display' => new Map<String, Object> {
                            'tags'=> true
            if (Trigger.isInsert) {
                updatedWOrders.add(new WorkOrder(
                    Id = wOrder.Id,
                    SharinPix_Token__c = token
            } else {
                wOrder.SharinPix_Token__c = token;
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import SwiftUI
import WebKit
struct WebView: UIViewRepresentable {
    var url: URL = URL(string: "")!;
    var webViewController: WebViewController = WebViewController()
    func makeUIView(context: Context) -> WKWebView {
        return WKWebView()
    func updateUIView(_ webView: WKWebView, context: Context) {
        let contentController = webView.configuration.userContentController
        contentController.add(webViewController, name: "sharinpixOnEvent")
        let request = URLRequest(url: url)
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  • You have to add a contentController to listen to all events/post messages sent by the SharinPix application.
  • The WebViewController should be added.

Example of a ContenController

let contentController = webView.configuration.userContentController;
contentController.add(webViewController, name: "sharinpixOnEvent");
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Example of a WebViewController

class WebViewController: NSObject, WKScriptMessageHandler, WKNavigationDelegate {
    func userContentController(_ userContentController: WKUserContentController, didReceive message: WKScriptMessage) {
        let dict = message.body as? NSDictionary
        print(dict ?? "SharinPix null")
        guard let string = dict?["name"] as? String else { return }
        print("SharinPix: " + string)
        showAlert(message: string)
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The WebViewController class will allow the Swift application to get every event that is sent by the SharinPix application

iOS Permissions

Accessing the native camera

To be able to open the native camera on your Swift application, you should include the permission "Privacy - Camera Usage Description (NSCameraUsageDescription)" in Info in your XCode project.

If the permission is not allowed hence the user will not get the native camera.

  • Go to your XCode Project
  • Click on the project
  • Click on Info
  • Add a new property by clicking on the arrow up down on the permission "Privacy - Camera Usage Description" (See screenshot below).

Below is the screenshot where the Permission Privacy - Camera Usage Description is asked.

The screenshot below shows images that are uploaded on the SharinPix application.

The screenshot shows a native alert being shown on the mobile application with the event that has been triggered when deleting an image on the SharinPix application.


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