SharinPix Mobile App: Snap & Say

The SharinPix mobile app Snap & Say feature enables the recognition and translation of spoken language into a photo text description.


The Snap & Say feature is available by default on the SharinPix mobile app's camera view.

The screenshot below demonstrates the SharinPix mobile app's camera view with the Snap & Say feature selected at the bottom of the screen in the scrollable horizontal list of modes:

To use the Snap & Say feature, ensure that the option is selected. Then tap and hold the record button to snap the photo and start saying the photo description to your device.

Once you are done saying the description, release the button so as to allow scanning and transformation of your voice record into text using speech recognition. The text will be displayed on the screen and can be edited as depicted below:

You can modify the text by tapping on the text area as demonstrated below:

Tap anywhere outside of the modal to save the text. 

To view the photo and the description, click on the captured photos icon located at the bottom left of the screen as demonstrated below:

The photo description will be displayed below:

To upload the photo, go back to the camera view and tap on the upload button located at the bottom right as indicated below:

Due to platform limitation, Snap & Say is not available for offline Android.


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