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SharinPix Permission for SharinPix Mobile Launcher Component

This article presents the list of abilities available in a SharinPix Permission record for the Mobile Launcher component.


When creating a SharinPix Permission for the SharinPix Mobile Launcher, ensure that the Mobile Launcher component is selected as depicted below.

For detailed steps on creating and assigning a SharinPix Permission to the SharinPix Mobile Launcher component, please refer to this article: SharinPix Permission object - How to create and assign custom permission?

List of Component Abilities

  • Team checklist: Enables all required token abilities for the team checklist feature. Note: The team checklist feature allows the user to view images already uploaded to the album the checklist relates to.
    • View album: Provides users access to the album on which photos are being uploaded.
    • List images: Allows users to see photos uploaded to the checklist.
    • View tags: Allows users to use the available checklist tags to upload photos.


  • For more information about the team checklist feature, refer to this article: SharinPix Mobile App: Team Checklist
  • For more information on how to enable the team checklist feature on all devices by default, refer to this link: Configure Team Checklist parameter on the Global Settings
  • For more information on how to configure the team checklist parameter in SharinPix deeplinks, refer to the following link: Team Checklist parameter
  • To programmatically configure the team checklist token abilities, you can either:
    • Pass the related SharinPix Permission record ID to your component (admin-friendly method).
    • Configure the token as demonstrated in the code snippet available in this article (developer-oriented method). Note: For some custom components, you can directly pass a SharinPix Permission ID to provide the correct Team Checklist token abilities.


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