Using on Classic with SharinPix Canvas App

This article demonstrates how to add the SharinPix Canvas app onto an object's page-layout by:

  1. Firstly, setting up SharinPix on your Org
  2. Secondly, adding the Canvas app onto the page-layout


Canvas apps have some limitations. For example, they only allow 5,000 calls per day per user within 24-hour.

Therefore the usage of the SharinPix Canvas App is not recommended for implementations. In such cases, we recommend the usage of the SharinPix Visualforce Component instead. The SharinPix Canvas App, however, can still be used for testing purposes.

For more information about Canvas app limitations, please refer to the following link:

For more information about the SharinPix Visualforce Component and how it is used, kindly refer to the following link:

1. Set up SharinPix in your Org

1. Go to Setup.

2. In the Quick Find Box, type Installed Packages.

3. Under the Build section, select Installed Packages.

4. Select the SharinPix Package known as ImagesManagementBySharinPix.

5. Click on View components.

6. Click on Albums.

7. Click on Edit Policies.

Next to the field Permitted Users, select All users may self-authorize from the picklist.

Click on Save when you are done.

2. Add Canvas App to a Page Layout

Access the object upon which you intend to add the canvas app on the page-layout. In this case, it is the object Account. Select a record of type Account.

9. Click on Edit Layout.

10. Select the Canvas App category from the types of components list as shown below.

11. Drag and drop the Albums canvas app on the page-layout on the area you desire.

12. Adjust the Height of the SharinPix Album to 500px.

Click on Save when you are done.

The SharinPix Canvas App should now appear on the page-layout of the record as presented in the screenshot below.


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