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Images features in your Salesforce Flow

Most of the SharinPix components are available in Salesforce flow and can be added to Flow screens.

For each component, a description indicating its availability on Page Builder, Community, Flow and more is available in its corresponding article.

The SharinPix components are listed here: Overview of the SharinPix Lightning Components

Best Practice is to use the SharinPix Components in Flows:

If you only need to upload one picture and apply a specific tag to it, you should use the SharinPix Single Image

If you need to upload multiple pictures and apply the same tag to all of them, you can either use the SharinPix Album or the smaller SharinPix Upload Button. Both can be personalized using a SharinPix Permission object on which you can set the required abilities/features and the tags which can be applied.

To enable the usage of a flow in Field Service, you should use a clickable text that will handle a deeplink URL. To implement this, refer to the following article: Integration of SharinPix App with SFS (FSL) App using Flows

Last but not least if you have mobile users using the Salesforce mobile App, you may want them to have a quick access to great features even without good connectivity. To make this happen, you can rely on the SharinPix mobile App, which can be launched from a specific record and with a specific behaviour using the SharinPix Mobile Launcher.


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