How to contact support?

Support is only for customers with engaged licenses. If you are a partner, you have to name your customer so we can double check the license engagement and confirm the orgID.

Two ways to contact the support team:

  1.  Via the SharinPix Support tab setting ( admin only )
  2. Via Email ( [email protected] )

The recommended way is to use the SharinPix Support tab.

If you don’t find the SharinPix support tab (click here). 

Also please check if you have updated your SharinPix package from the AppExchange.

Contact support through SharinPix Support (Admin only)


SharinPix Support custom tab should be put to 'Default on'.

How to do this?

Go to Profile --> System Administrator --> Edit -> Under Custom Tab Settings --> Change SharinPix Support to 'Default on'.

Search SharinPix Support on App Launcher.

Click on the button create SharinPix support ticket.

Then fill in the form below and click on save.


If you think an investigation in your organization is needed for your problem, you can provide a grant login and tick the checkbox 'Login has been granted'.

Contact support through Email.

You can send an email to [email protected] to report a bug. 
In order to process in the best timing, your email subject should contain : 

  • Your company Name 
  • A brief summary of your problem

as an example, if your company name is ACME and you have a problem with an image not displaying after you have uploaded it, your email title should be : 

“ACME: Image not displaying after upload on desktop”


Information needed while sending the email:

  • Name 
  • Organisation
  • Email to contact
  • OrgID
  • TimeZone


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