SharinPix Mobile Launcher

The SharinPix Mobile Launcher component permits to launch the SharinPix mobile app from the Salesforce mobile app.


This feature is only available on Lightning. It can be used:

  • On Community Builder
  • On Page Builder
  • On Desktop
  • On Mobile
  • In your own Lightning Component development
  • In Flows (but not in Field Service Mobile Flow)

Note: The SharinPix Mobile Launcher component is not available in Salesforce Field Service (FSL). However, you can still launch the SharinPix mobile app from a Field Service Mobile Flow. To do so, refer to the following article:

Integration of SharinPix App with SFS (FSL) App using Flows

Getting Started

To use the SharinPix Mobile Launcher component, you simple need to drag and drop the component from the Lightning App Builder onto your page layout.

Lightning Component Parameters

  • Button Label: Used to set the component's label. The default value is Launch Mobile App.
  • Album ID: Used to specify the album Id. If you want to use the record Id as the album Id, leave this field blank.
  • Mode: Used to specify whether to upload picture from the device's camera or roll. The values available are camera and roll.
  • Allow images from roll/gallery: Used to enable/disable option to select images from the device's roll/gallery when Mode is set to camera. This option is set to True by default.
  • Confirm image taken: Used to enable/disable option to preview and confirm each picture taken before the upload. This option is applicable when the Mode is set to camera.
  • Camera flash: Used to enable/disable the camera flash. This option is applicable when camera mode in on.
  • Tags: Used to set up a tag list that will be made available when capturing photos.
  • Auto tags: Used to specify auto tags which will be enforced on the picture taken.
  • Default tags: Used to specify default tags that will be applied by default on the picture taken. The user has the option to remove the default tags after capturing the picture.
  • Checklist: Used to fill a checklist with the tags specified.
  • Skip job association screen: Used to enable/disable the association of manually created jobs with no token present on the device.
  • Show overlay: Use selected image from a SharinPix Album component as overlay. The component will be disabled if no image is selected.
  • Custom parameters: Used to specify additional user-defined parameters to be appended to the SharinPix app launcher URL.
  • Component Id: Component ID to be matched by SharinPix components on the page. This is any text which will be common between this component and the SharinPix album component. It allows for matching components to communicate in case some components need to be repeated on the same record page. Example: Set 'sharinpix-1' as Component Id here and also on SharinPix Album component's Component ID field.
  • Universal Link: Used to generate a universal link when enabled. If disabled, a deeplink is generated instead. Note: This feature can only be used to launch the SharinPix mobile app when online.



The SharinPix Mobile Launcher works alongside the SharinPix mobile app. 

Kindly ensure that the SharinPix mobile app has been installed on your device before testing the component.

For more information on how to install the SharinPix mobile app, click here.

The image below shows the SharinPix Mobile Launcher component in the Salesforce mobile app:

Select the button Launch Mobile App to launch the SharinPix mobile app.

The image below depicts the SharinPix mobile app when launched:


  • You can refer to the link below for more details about the SharinPix Mobile Launcher component and how to add same on a Record Page

Use the SharinPix Mobile Launcher component on a Record Page.

  • The Mobile Launcher component uses tokens to capture and upload images which, when expired cannot be used to upload images anymore. Such tokens have a validity of 30 days by default. If you want to increase the token duration, you can do so by overriding the value of the custom label, MobileTokenExpiryDays, available in the SharinPix package to specify your desired number of days before the tokens expire for the Mobile Launcher component. 

   Note: This option is valid as from the package version 1.200


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