SharinPix PDF Form Builder

SharinPix PDF Form Builder allows users to upload and create a PDF form.

This component will allow a user to add Text fields, Signature, Checkbox fields, Radio Buttons, List Box fields, and Combo Text fields and save the PDF.

The user will be able to view the modified PDF on Salesforce immediately after it has been saved.


SharinPix Form Builder is only available on the object Pdf Template.

You should ensure the following:

  • The user should have the permission set "SharinPix PDF Form Builder".
  • User Profile should have read/write on the object Pdf template.
  • "Use Lightning Web Security for Lightning web components" should be disabled on the Session Setting.
  • Tab Setting should be set to Default On.


This feature is only available on Lightning. It can be used:

  • On Page Builder
  • On Desktop
  • On Mobile
  • In your own Lightning Component development

Getting Started

To use the SharinPix PDF Form Builder component, you simply need to drag and drop the component from the Lightning App Builder onto your page layout and activate the page.

Lightning Component Parameters

  • Height: Used to specify the SharinPix PDF Form Builder height. The default  height is 700 (px).


Click on the Add button or drag and drop a PDF onto the Lightning Web Component. Once uploaded, you will get various tools that can be used on the PDF.

The following tools are available and can be used on the PDF Template:

  1. Text Field
  2. Signature Field
  3. Checkbox Field
  4. Radio Button Field
  5. List Box Field
  6. Combo Box Field
  7. Save


Text field, Checkbox field, Radio Button field, List Box field, and Combo Box field can display values that can be retrieved from another Salesforce record where the component SharinPix Mobile Pdf Form Launcher is used with the corresponding SharinPix PDF Template URL.


The exact Field API Name can be added in Field Name to pre-fill fields when using SharinPix Mobile PDF Form Launcher Lightning Component.

  • Once you save the PDF it will be displayed on the screen (See below screenshot). If you want to revert back to the previous pdf version, you can click on the History first button on the top right.
  • You can also copy the link of the template. (second button on the top right)

Once you have finish with your modifications you can save the document.

If you want to return back to your previous PDF versions you can click on the History button (First button on the top right). This will show you all the versions you save if in case you want one of the previous versions. You can download any version you want or delete it.


The link of the template can be used on the Lightning Component SharinPix Mobile PDF Form Launcher.


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