Thumbnail View - The menu

Thumbnail view – Menu

The Thumbnail view menu appears as soon as a selection is made on an image(s). 

Select an image

To select an image you can use the check box which appears on the top left corner of the thumbnail.

SharinPix selection commands

The menu offer different commands:

  • SharinPix selection commands:

    • Copy

    • Select all

    • Share

Custom commands

  • Your own commands – see Providers for more details about it.

Tag commands

Apply tag

Apply a Tag by choosing one of the listed Tag (only the tag already existing in the album OR checked as “Visible” on SharinPix Administration Dashboard are listed there)

  • Applying tag "Nature".

Create tag

  • Create a Tag, which will show an autocomplete way to create or choose tags from the already existing values on the database (in order to avoid to duplicate existing ones).
  • Select Add a tag from menu access.
  • Enter a label for tag.
  • Newly-created tag is now available from menu access.
  • Cancel which closes the menu and gets back to the normal Thumbnail view

Please note that at any time, you can use the escape Key from the keyboard to close the menu.

Cancel selection

Automatic selection

Please note as well that at upload, images are by default automatically selected. That’s why at the end of the upload the menu appear to allow quick tagging to be done when required.


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