Large View: Toolbar – New Annotation Toolbar

This article demonstrates and explains the new annotation toolbar's features.

Large View: Access the annotation feature

To access the large view of an image, simply click on the image thumbnail.

Activate the Annotation Mode

To activate the annotation mode, simply open the image in the large view, then click on the annotate icon.

Annotation Tools

The annotation includes the following features:

  1. Free sketch (Path): Used for freehand drawing.
  2. Text addition: Used for addition of text on the image.
  3. Draw rectangle: Used for addition of rectangles on the image.
  4. Draw circle: Used for addition of circles on the image.
  5. Draw line: Used for addition of lines on the image.
  6. Erase annotation (Trash): Used to erase annotations on the image.
  7. Draw arrow: Used to draw arrows on the image.
  8. Draw double-arrow: Used to draw double-arrows on the image.
  9. Sticker addition: Used to ad stickers on the image.
  10. Color outline and fill: Used to color and fill the selected shape.
  11. Shape thickness adjustement: Used to increase and decrease the thickness of the selected shape.


For more details on the tools available inside the annotation mode, please refer to the following chapters:

Annotation Auto-Save

To auto-save your annotations as you draw, you can activate the auto-save option. To do so, set annotation_auto_save parameter to true at the root of your token or organization's configuration as shown below:

  "annotation_auto_save": true,
  "abilities": {
    "xxx": {
      "Access": {…}
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