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Integrating SharinPix with Salesforce Mobile App using Lightning Action and Visualforce

The present section will enumerate the steps required in order for the SharinPix mobile application to be launched from the Salesforce Mobile App.

The objective of this demo is to launch the SharinPix Mobile app from the Salesforce mobile application using  a custom action and the Case object.

Implementation of the Visualforce Page

The Action Type of the Custom Action will be Custom Visualforce Page,  within which a link will be used to launch the SharinPix Mobile App.

The code snippet implementing the Visualforce Page is shown below:

<apex:page StandardController="Case" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" applyBodyTag="false">
    <a href="sharinpix://upload?token={!Case.SharinPix_Token__c}">Take Pictures with Camera</a><br/>
    <a href="sharinpix://upload?token={!Case.SharinPix_Token__c}&mode=roll">Choose Pictures from the Roll</a><br/>
    <a href="sharinpix://upload?token={!Case.SharinPix_Token__c}&camera=true&confirmation=true">Take Pictures with Camera and Confirmation</a> 

The merge-field {! Case.SharinPix_Token__c } references the SharinPix Token field containing the token value on the current of the current Case record.

Note: If you want this Visualforce Page to work on any Salesforce Object, you will need to replace Case with the API Name of the your object.

The Visualforce Page is saved as SharinPixOpenMobileFromCase.

Add action

  • Go to Setup, then to Object Manager to access the Case object.
  • Select the Buttons, Links and Actions section.
  • Click on New Action.
  • In the picklist Action Type, select Custom Visualforce.
  • In the picklist Visualforce Page, select the Visualforce Page created above.
  • In the field Height, enter 500px.
  • In the field Label, enter Take Pictures.
  •  In the field Icon, select ActionSharinPixAlbum icon (which comes with the installed SharinPix Package). 
  • Click on Save when done.

Add action to page-layout of Case

  • Go to the Case Page Layouts section.
  • Select the layout which is relevant to your context.
  • From Mobile & Lightning Actions, drag and drop Take Pictures inside the Salesforce mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.
  • Click on Save when done.
  • Access a Case record on the Salesforce Mobile App. The custom action Take Pictures can be found on the Action Bar as shown in the image below.
  • Tap on Take Pictures. The Visualforce Page SharinPixOpenMobileAppFromCase, as implemented previously, is displayed.
  • Each link corresponds to a SharinPix URL that will launch a particular camera mode:
    • Launch Camera only.
    • Launch Image Roll only.
    • Launch Camera and enable confirmation prompt.
  • Refer to the article on Launch SharinPix Offline Mobile App section for a more in-depth view into the different camera modes available in the SharinPix offline mobile app.

If you tap on the Take Pictures with Camera link, the SharinPix mobile App will launch and the camera view will open by default.