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SharinPix Mobile App: Smart Document Scanning

This article demonstrate the SharinPix scan mobile mode which allows users to snap/scan documents/paperwork easily and conveniently using the SharinPix mobile app.


The scan mode is available by default on the SharinPix mobile app camera view.

For more information on how to disable the scan parameter in your SharinPix mobile app deeplink or URL, refer to the following article: SharinPix mobile App : Deeplink syntax

The screenshot belows demonstrates the SharinPix mobile app's camera view with the scan feature at the bottom of the screen in the scrollable horizontal list of modes:

To apply the scan, ensure that the scan option is selected, then snap the photo using the capture button. This action will automatically detect the boundaries of the document and will direct the user to the screen below:

The scan feature also allows the user to manually adjust the document's color, boundaries and rotation.

The screenshot below depicts how to adjust the document's color:

The screenshot below depicts how to adjust the document's boundaries:

The screenshot below depicts how to rotate the document:

To save the changes, click on Done. This action will bring you to the camera view where the user can submit the document.


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